Ebbor House

Garden Type: Private Home

Opening: All year

Description: Garden open all year, but please phone or email to ensure a welcome.

The garden is 1 and 3/4 acres, on a south facing hill with a shaded overgrown tennis court sized lawn at the bottom. We have a pond popular with local ducks and inhabited by newts and to the west is a stream shaded by bamboo with a wide variety of shrubs including hops and even banana plant (but no fruit yet!). There are a wide variety of trees including 6 different apple trees.

There are many places to sit and reflect. We offer a warm welcome but no formal programme. 

Kent Wildlife Trust award for the most environmentally friendly large garden in the area 2013.

Offers accommodation: NO

Contact details

Host Name: Derek Phillips

Location: (Coming down to bottom of the hill from the A20 to Hythe, Kent, turn left up Barrack Hill BEFORE going through traffic lights and just before the 3rd lamp post on left turn left into our driveway.) Barrack Hill, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4BY, England


Phone: 01303 267884