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Sutton VA Lower School

Garden Type: School

Opening: Appointment only

Description: Our Quiet Garden is place that was designed by pupils in 2010 to stimulate the senses - colourful flowers, scented, tactile and edible plants and herbs. Where a variety of different sized and shaped bird boxes have been donated to encourage wild life. Ours is a garden where pupils can spend time away from ball and chasing games, enjoying benches and chunky planters for seating. Children can be seen playing the musical notes, using magnifying glasses and bug pots to look for insects or patterns in the plants. An area set apart, at times, as a Sacred Space for Collective Worship and ceremonies to mark special days. Our garden was blessed by the Bishop of Bedford in 2015 and is a beautiful corner of our busy play area where pupils, staff and members of our community can enjoy creation and pause to reflect.

Capacity: 100

Offers accommodation: NO

Contact details

Host Name: Lucy Chapman

Location: Sutton VA Lower School High Street Sutton, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2NE, England


Phone: 01767 260334


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