The Quiet Garden at Sedgehill

Garden Type: Private Home

Opening: Appointment only

Description: The opening times are Seasonal and it is always worth telephoning for information.

Groups can book the day they would like, such as: Women's Fellowship, Deanery groups, L.P.A. groups, P.C.C.'s, individuals seeking a day of retreat.

There are many places to sit and walk - some open - some private.  We ask for silence in the garden at all times for the sake of all our visitors seeking peace.

There is  always someone in the kitchen for conversation if needed.

We have a led meditation or two, in the day and anyone who would like a job in the garden only has to ask!

Capacity: 14 due to size of kitchen for shared lunch.

Capacity: 14

Offers accommodation: NO

Contact details

Host Name: Pepi Hughes

Location: 3 miles north of Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7, England


Phone: 01747 830461