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The Quiet Gardens at St John's Cathedral

Garden Type: Place Of Worship

Opening: All year


Episcopal church with a special room within the church that overlooks a garden. There are three gardens on our grounds.

Quiet Garden Mornings are offered 6 times a year in September, October, November, January, February, April and May - when we meet for prayer and a presentation on the theme of the day and then spend 20-30 minutes in quiet. We then gather again for another presentation on the same theme and again 20-30 minutes for quiet, either in the Church or the Gardens depending on the weather and personal preference. We close with prayer or with Eucharist.

We also have Lenten and Advent Quiet Gardens as well. Thus far they have always been held at St. Mary's Episcopal in Green Cove Springs.

Capacity: 50

Offers accommodation: NO

Contact details

Host Name: Owene Courtney

Location: St John's Cathedral, 256 E Church St,, Jacksonville, Florida, FL 32202, USA


Phone: 904 384 5885

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