Celebrating 25 years of Quiet Gardens in 2017

In 2017 the Quiet Garden Movement celebrates 25 years of sharing Quiet Gardens.

To celebrate we are holding a 25th Anniversary event in London on 20th May and have published the Quiet25 Course to help people experience silence in natural surroundings and explore the physical, mental health and spiritual benefits of taking a regular time of quiet in nature.

Below are full details of all that is happening and how you can join us in the Quiet25 celebrations.

Rowan Williams

“The ancient tradition of silent contemplation is as important to the modern mind as it was to those of our forebears – and the Quiet Garden Movement has been facilitating the practice of mindful contemplation for the past 25 years, in gardens across the world…”

Dr Rowan Williams – from the Foreword to the Quiet25 Course

25th Anniversary Event in London

God is in the Garden: Celebrating 25 years of the Quiet Garden Movement – 20 May @ 10:30 am5:00 pm in London, UK

Including: Rev Dr Andrew Walker (Director, St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre, London) – ‘Prayer and the Art of Gardening – exploring the parallels between the garden and spiritual life’; Revd Lucy Winkett (Rector, St James’s Church, Piccadilly) – ‘In Quietness is Strength? How can we re-discover the wisdom that hides in quietness and silence?’; and Revd Philip Roderick (Founder-Director, The Quiet Garden Movement) –Body-Prayer as a resource for Quiet Garden participants

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Quiet25 Course

We have produced the Quiet25 Course to mark our 25th year by raising awareness of the benefits of time in quiet outside.

Over 5 sessions the course takes participants on a journey through a range of contemplative exercises and practices in the exploration of silence: introducing groups to the experience of silence together in natural surroundings and exploring the physical, mental health and spiritual benefits of taking a regular time of quiet in nature.

Find out more and order the Quiet25 Course

Special 25th Anniversary Local Events

Some Quiet Gardens will be organising Special 25th Anniversary Local Events to highlight the importance of quiet spaces.

Details of these events will be shared here in the future.

If you are organising a special event please let us know the details and we will add them to our events calendar.

Funding the future

We will also be fundraising for the future so that we can continue to support and share Quiet Gardens.

Contacting the media

We are also contacting the media about Quiet25 and the benefits of taking a regular time of quiet in nature.

You might like to contact your local media about your Quiet Garden and the wider Movement – and we have produced press release templates and guidelines to help you.

If you use social media please support us using the hashtag #quiet25 – and mention us on twitter at @quietgardens or facebook at @quietgardentrust

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