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Learning to be Still Series

From our archives this series was developed to be used in Quiet Gardens when we first started offering them.

The series is based in Scripture, the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the monastic tradition and the Christian mystics. It owes much to Anthony de Mello’s Sadhana, as well as other sources. The exercises have been arranged so that each session stands alone, but they do form part of a series.

Below are all the files that we have and that provide leaders notes (note: we are missing the leaders notes for session 2) and a handout for the 5 sessions:

LTBS Introduction

LTBS Introduction PDF

Love Silence Prayer PDF

LTBS 1 – Being still and waiting patiently

LTBS 1 – Leaders Notes PDF

LTBS 1 – Handout PDF

LTBS 2 – A Sound of Sheer Silence

LTBS 2 – Leaders Notes PDF (sorry missing)

LTBS 4 – Handout PDF

LTBS 3 – Breathe on me, Breath of God

LTBS 3 – Leaders Notes PDF

LTBS 4 – Handout PDF

LTBS 4 – Song of creation handout PDF

LTBS 4 – Coming to our Senses

LTBS 4 – Leaders Notes PDF

LTBS 4 – Handout PDF

LTBS 5 – Gazing on God

LTBS 5 – Leaders Notes PDF

LTBS 5 – Handout PDF

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