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In Conversation With Philip Roderick…

Philip Roderick is the Founder of The Quiet Garden Movement. Find out more

The original vision for Quiet Gardens was developed by Philip Roderick in the early 1990s. Here Philip reflects on the early history of the movement and how Quiet Gardens have developed from a handful set-up in households to more than 300 that we have today in households, churches and organisational settings around the world.


Part 1. How did the vision for the Quiet Garden Movement come together?


Part 2. How did the movement grow from one garden into many gardens?


Part 3. What advice would you give to hosts wanting to open their garden as a quiet space? How as a host can you help people spend time in a Quiet Garden?


Part 4. How did the Quiet Garden Movement develop into a worldwide movement?


Part 5. How did things develop from household gardens in rural settings to the urban area and beyond to include organisations, schools and hospitals?


Part 6. Quiet Gardens in non-faith based settings

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