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Labyrinth Resources and Links

There are many Quiet Gardens with labyrinths – which you will find listed on our Labyrinths Page – here we share ideas, resources and links to websites and other organisations that work with labyrinths (find all our labyrinth resources).

Making a Labyrinth

Labyrinths come in many sizes and shapes, they can be made as a permanent feature or as a temporary group activity. They can be created by mowing the pattern into a lawn, creating a pattern from pebbles, gravel or turf – or you can make them out of leaves or bracken that will disappear naturally. Below are some reesources to help you make a labyrinth:

Jeff Saward of
Jeff Saward of

Jeff Saward of provides lots of resources for the study of mazes and labyrinths, with an extensive photographic & illustration library and archive.

The Labyrinth Society, based in the USA, they provide educational information and how-to’s as well as links to resources – was created by members of Grace, Epicentre and Live On Planet Earth alternative worship groups and went on tour around the UK. The website includes lots of ideas, stories and resources –

Mowing a grass labyrinth -Jonny Baker shares instructions for mowing a grass labyrinth here – plus you’ll find other labyrinth ideas from him here.

Pilgrim Paths is based in the UK and run by Jim Bailey. Jim organised the worldwide labyrinth day for the labyrinth society 2018-2021. He is a member of the labyrinth society and advanced labyrinth facilitator for Veriditas in the UK. He is a part of the Northumbria community , Rocha and ordained minister . His work is entirely voluntary and he is based in Derbyshire. If you would like a chat or have more questions please email jim@jimbailey. The website has lots of free resources to help you make your own labyrinth and ideas for how to use labyrinths with different groups, as well as physical labyrinths to buy go to

Finding a Labyrinth

There are many Quiet Gardens with labyrinths – which you will find listed on our Labyrinths Page – many are permanent and open all year, whilst some are temporary.

Walking a simple labyrinth made of cut bracken

The Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website provides a database of labyrinths around the world, with information about labyrinths you can visit, their locations, pictures, and contact details –

Events with Labyrinths

Quiet Gardens each open in different ways, some are open all year, whilst others are open for set times. Many hold regular and special one-off events, which are usually included in our Quiet Garden Events Calendar, and which at times focus on labyrinths.

World Labyrinth Day, organised by The Labyrinth Society, this usually takes place on the first Saturday in May, and is aimed at bringing people from all over the world together, “in celebration of the labyrinth as a symbol, a tool, a passion, or a practice.” For more information contact Jim Bailey

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