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Annual Gathering 2019

Exploring mindfulness and Quiet Gardens

On Saturday 11 May 2019 we met at St Mark’s Haydock, Merseyside in the UK, for a day of exploring the practice of mindfulness with Tim Stead, author of ‘See, Love, Be: Mindfulness and the spiritual life’ and ‘Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality: Making space for God‘.

Tim is an accredited mindfulness teacher and associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. A former Church of England Vicar, he now operates as a freelance mindfulness teacher and writer.

“… mindfulness is not alien to our tradition and we will find huge overlaps with Christian writers. But I still feel that mindfulness, with its Eastern influences and scientific adaptations, can offer much to Christianity. In fact I would go further to suggest that Christianity (especially the Western forms) urgently needs to take on board the insights of mindfulness…”

Tim Stead – From ‘Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality: Making space for God‘ (2016).

In the morning Tim Stead introduced mindfulness in two parts, with questions in the middle.

You can listen to Tim’s talk using the audio player below:

Handouts from Tim’s morning session: Mindfulness handout / Oxford Forest Church Synopsis Handout

In the afternoon we enjoyed a tour of St Marks’ Haydock community Quiet Garden with host John Robinson (Handouts: Community Garden Brochure / Spiritual Walk. Garden Guide) and a session led by Tim Stead on a number of mindfulness practices from his book ‘See, Love, Be‘.


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Tim Stead is available for leading mindfulness teaching and quiet days – see

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