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Encountering Silence Podcast with Phillip Roderick

The latest episode from the Encountering Silence Podcast speaks to Quiet Gardens Founder and Patron, Rev Phillip Roderick.

“Silence is a weaving, it’s like a tapestry or a pattern of presence; it recalls me; but it’s not like a block, it’s more like a river, a flow, a patterning… silence is for me a resource, an aperture, a journey…” — Philip Roderick

Episode 70: Encountering Silence in Quiet Gardens: A Conversation with Philip Roderick (Part One) is out now with a focus on Phillip Roderick sharing the history of Quiet Gardens, and how silence shapes him.

Part two will follow soon.

Listen to the full episode at: 

“Silence and solitude are precursors to service. They can seem to be escapist, but in fact a true silence and a true solitude lead to a full expression of care and love; so the call to love and heal is integrally bound up with the call to be hidden and alone.” — Philip Roderick

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