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Moray Cottage Quiet Garden – Reflection 7th April

It’s the day of the resurrection of Jesus and two disciples are walking to a village called Emmaus. They are talking about this wild rumour that they have heard, that Jesus is alive, and trying to make sense of it. The risen Christ walks with them, unrecognised, and joins the conversation. Later, he assumes the role of the host at the table, and breaks bread, and in that moment, they recognise him.

For many people, coming to faith is more like the Emmaus Road than the Damascus Road. Jesus is recognised as one who has been there all along, opening the Scriptures, breaking the bread.

Neither one of these is better than the other. Our prayer is that people should come to know the Risen Christ and his presence in their lives. Whether that happens suddenly or slowly matters not at all.”

Read on here for the rest of the reflection shared by Judy Greenfield.

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