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Prayer Garden Journey – Richard Chillcott

This prayer garden journey was originally created in our garden in Lincolnshire, England against the backdrop of the problems and stresses due to the Corona virus.
I hope that you may find it helpful, and please use it in any way you choose – for example you may like to:

  1. Follow the journey in your imagination as part of your devotions.
  2. Use it to help you find faith and peace at a time of trouble.
  3. Create your own prayer garden journey.
  4. Use local trees, bushes, gardens, parks or open spaces for some or all of the different
    stopping places.
  5. Make the journey that follows the progressive revelation of God, as shown through the bible
    from Genesis to Revelation.
  6. Forward to a friend who could find it helpful.
  7. Give praise to God.

Please read on to follow the rest of the journey with photos from Richard’s garden

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