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Reflections from Moray Cottage Quiet Morning …

To be Born is to be Chosen taken from Anam Cara by John O Donohue

“To be born is to be chosen. No-one is here by accident.
Each one of us was sent here for a special destiny.

Often the deeper meaning of a fact emerges when it is read in a spiritual way. When you consider the moment of conception, there are endless possibilities. Yet in most cases, only one child is conceived.

This seems to suggest that a certain selectivity is already at work. This selectivity intimates a sheltering providence which dreamed you, created you and always minds you. You were not consulted on the major question which shape your destiny: when you were to be born; where you would be born; to whom you would be born. Imagine the difference it would have made to your life had you been born into the house next door. To discover and enjoy the rest of the reflection please follow the link here. QG – 14th July 21 – Reflection

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