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Wesley Cottage Quiet Garden Journeying with Jesus through Lent

This ‘virtual’ Quiet Day is intended for use in Lent 2021 as we journey alongside Jesus to Calvary and beyond. Rather than being limited to a maximum of 12 persons here at Wesley Cottage, this pack enables far more to join in, on any day, in the comfort of your own venue of choice. If, after you’ve used it, you can give some feed-back, that would be of great help in preparing future Quiet Days.
To be clear, this is a Quiet Day, not a Silent Retreat. It is an opportunity to listen for the natural and normal sounds of everyday that you might otherwise miss in the busyness of modern life. It provides you with a space during Lent to simply ‘be’ – to leave the worries of the day to one side and replace them with a stillness within, opening yourself to what God may have to say to you through His word and the natural world. Click here for the link to the quiet day created by Anthony Hick.

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