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Body in Association – Churches Together in England

We are delighted to announce that we have been accepted as a Body in Association with CTE. Bodies in Association are recognised and valued for their participation in the churches’ mission and ecumenism (churches working together).  The areas of focus of our Bodies in Association are wide-ranging, and include:

  • church life, mission and Christian apologetics
  • public affairs
  • justice and peace
  • environment and sustainable development
  • children and schools
  • students and young People
  • Christian discipleship and formation
  • health, social and pastoral care
  • community building
  • prayer and spirituality
  • dialogue and ecumenical learning
  • international concerns and development

What it means for the Quiet Garden Movement

CTE Bodies in Association:

  • are in association with Churches Together in England
  • are interdenominational associations of Christians working together for a particular purpose (bringing together Christians from different church traditions)
  • have a national reach
  • accept the Basis and ethos of Churches Together in England
  • meet together to share information and expertise
  • are represented on CTE’s Enabling Group and have places at theForum

With members and projects across the country, Bodies in Association can work with all types of ecumenical groups including County bodies and local Churches Together groups. Some Bodies in Association also affiliate with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Bodies in Association build relationships, increase understanding of what it means to be ecumenical, and with their rich range of resources, action, partnerships and focus, they serve the Church’s ever greater unity. Often from a point of direct engagement with the changing conditions and needs of wider society, their insights also offer a refreshing addition to the churches’ united working, creating new space for the Church’s voice to be heard in the public sphere.

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