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Meeting Christianity Again for the First Time – Tony Rutherford

Tony is a retired Anglican priest, occasional preacher and pastor. His knowledge comes from keeping up with reading, sharing his learning and trying to put it into practice. He is also a retired teacher and professional development guide; prefering to show people some doors and invite them to find a way in.

He is committed to the practical working out of how he – and many others- see and practice the Christian faith. He says that he asks you to join him on a journey through life, with more questions than answers when you consider Meeting Christianity Again for the First Time.

“Father Tony has a way of simplifying complex ideas without being simplistic or patronising. He respects the reader, loves the listener and knows how to lead them to the next stage. Plus, he is humourous and never takes himself too seriously, which is rare for us clergyman” Richard Rohr. Franciscan, Catholic monk, Priest and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation.

To purchase a copy please contact – £7.00 including postage and packaging

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