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Below you will find:

  • the latest messages and news for Quiet Garden Hosts,
  • information about your Quiet Garden details and membership of the Quiet Garden Movement,
  • and important guidance information and resources.

News and Messages for Hosts

Display Board Project
We are currently looking at developing new display boards for permanent and temporary use in Quiet Gardens. These display boards would primarily be aimed at those Quiet Gardens in public spaces that want to invite people to use the space and equip them with prayer and meditation practices to use in the Quiet Garden.

The display boards will enable Quiet Gardens to provide a welcoming and supportive resource to visitors. They will also point to the wider welcome of the local community running the Quiet Garden, as well as support services and the wider Quiet Garden Movement. The boards will include a prayer practice and simple prayer for people to use themselves, as well as links to audio practices and prayers that people can access via a mobile phone.

We are applying for funding to help with the development of these boards, and it would be very helpful to know if your Quiet Garden would be interested in installing one? We do not yet know about costs, but it would be envisaged that installation costs would be covered locally and that we may be able to access some funding towards the production costs of the boards. Expressing an interest now would help us estimate numbers and potential impact, which will be crucial in funding bids towards the project.

Please indicate your interest by contacting us with the name of your Quiet Garden. Your response would not commit you but will guide us in planning and funding raising.

Number of people spending time in your Quiet Garden
As we come to the end of the year, we’d be grateful for your estimates of the number of visits to your Quiet Garden, where possible. We appreciate that the estimate may be very approximate or not possible for all Quiet Gardens, such as those with 24 hour open access. By asking for these numbers we are not, of course, implying that more is better! Each Quiet Garden is unique and offers different types of quiet space which is valued by individuals or groups. Your estimate of numbers provides a rough indication of the use of Quiet Gardens which is helpful in reporting to the Charity Commission and possible funders.

If you can please do let Sarah know how many people came to your Quiet Garden each time it was open in 2019? Simply email Sarah at or for further details and help visit the Hosts Admin Hub at

Update to Trustees
We are delighted that at our recent Trustees Meeting it was agreed to welcome Jacqueline Fudge (Host of The Quiet Garden at Clearwell) and Patrick Swan (Garden Designer and long term supporter of Quiet Gardens) to join the Board as Trustees. Details of all our current Trustees can be found at:

Pause – Advent 2019

We mailed the latest edition of our newlsetter, Pause, to you on 12 November. In this edition we look at the relationship between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ and Quiet Gardens, as well as hear from Tessa Holland reflecting on 20 years of sharing Wild Fortune Quiet Garden, as well as review a couple of new books and share updates from Quiet Gardens around the world. Please do share copies with others involved in your Quiet Garden, and make them available to your visitors, as well as your church and community etc. Further copies are available.

2020 Annual Gathering – Regional alternatives

At our recent Trustees Meeting for the Quiet Garden Trust it was decided that we would look at organising our Annual Gathering differently in the future. We are going to now organise centrally an Annual Gathering every other year – so our next one will be in 2021 – and instead on the interim year we will encourage locally organised regional gatherings instead.

In 2020 we will be encouraging you to organise a get together through regional gatherings. We will be in touch via email in early 2020 with suggestions for how to do this, but in the meantime if you are willing to help organise a regional gathering in your area please do let us know.

New Chair of Trustees

Following the retirement of Rev Sue Nightingale as Chair of Trustees, we are pleased to confirm that Rev Kate Lawson has been appointed as Chair for the Quiet Garden Trust. Kate has been a trustee for some time and is Quiet Garden Host at Moray Cottage Quiet Garden near Brighton in the UK.

Annual Visitor Numbers and Visitor Survey

Earlier this year we launched our new visitors survey and invited all hosts to use it with their visitors in the most appropriate way for your setting. It is available to print or as an on-line survey. Towards the end of each year we also ask all hosts for an indication of the number of people that have spent time in your Quiet Garden over the year. Your help in estimating the number of people making use of Quiet Gardens helps us in reporting the wider impact of the Movement and Charity. We will email you soon to ask for this information – but in the meantime you can find the details we ask for – and get details of the visitor survey – at

Email Updates reminder

Finally, a reminder that we email all hosts throughout the year with relevant updates and news. We always add those messages here to the Host Admin Hub of the website. If you are not receiving those emails it may be that they are going into your spam folder or that we don’t have an email address for you – please do let us know if you are not getting the Hosts emails but would like to.

Chair of Trustees

Rev Sue Nightingale has announced that she is retiring as Chair of the Quiet Garden Trustees. She says:

“I have held the post for the last eight years, a real privilege. You have all taught me so much. I have seen gardens in the USA, Australia and of course, here in Yorkshire. We became involved over 20 years ago when we opened our garden in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire. Now we have retired to York, but will be starting a Quiet Garden at our church!”

We will be sorry to say good-bye to Sue in her role as Chair, and the Trustees will be meeting in early November to agree a process for a new Chair, as well as say thank you to Sue. If you have any messages to include in a card for Sue please do send them to us by the end of October to the Herefordshire office or by email. 

Would you consider joining us as a Trustee?

With the above news in mind we are looking for new Trustees to join the board of The Quiet Garden Trust. Have you got a passion for Quiet Gardens and our values, and time to help lead and guide the Movement and charity? Might you know someone that might be interested

Trustees meet at least twice a year through a combination of physical meetings (usually in London or Birmingham) and tele-conference ‘virtual’ meetings, and work with fellow trustees, volunteers and staff on a project group basis as well. Trustees oversee, lead and guide the Quiet Garden Trust, ensuring that the Movement grows and stays fresh for the future. Find out more about the general role of Trustee, as well as the specific Chair role, at

Preparing to post ‘Pause’ newsletter to you…

We will be posting copies of the Advent edition of our Pause newsletter in November. We will alert you when it is ready but in the meantime please do let us know if you would like more or less copies posted to you.

Your news…

If you have news from your Quiet Garden to share in the newsletter and website please do let us know. We welcome sharing news and updates about your events, experiences and resources you’ve found helpful.

Funding update

This week we heard that we have been awarded a one-off funding grant towards our core costs, which will mean we can continue with two part-time staff roles for the next 12 months. Great news! The grant is given on the understanding that we secure longer-term funding over this time, so this is wonderful news but just the start of a longer process of development for the Quiet Garden Trust. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

New Visitor Survey

Today we are launching our new Quiet Garden Visitors Survey, following feedback from hosts and those involved in the Movement. The survey will help us measure the impact of offering Quiet Gardens, helping us improve and continue to offer these spaces for wellbeing and the inner journey. Collecting this survey data will also help provide essential information for fundraising applications and the future of the charity. All responses will be dealt with anonymously. The survey includes some ‘wellbeing questions’ taken from the Office of National Statistics to allow for benchmarking.

We invite all hosts to use the survey with their visitors in the most appropriate way for your setting. You might leave them out for people to complete or you might ask just a few people to complete it as part of an event. It is up to each Quiet Garden to use, and of course is completely optional.

The survey is available to print yourselves and also as an on-line survey. Find out more and download the survey.

How do Quiet Gardens help build community?

We have a number of Associate and Affiliate Quiet Gardens within the Movement with a specifically and intentionally community focus. Every Quiet Garden, whilst of course unique, is networked through common strands of welcome, hospitality, spiritual nourishment and unconditional openness (roots that connect and succour). These features are, perhaps unsurprisingly, catalysts for building community.

As seen at our Annual Gathering at St Mark’s Quiet Garden, Haydock, this year, there is something inviting, levelling, natural and nurturing, about a garden where gentle engagement, positive participation, collective planning and creativity flows. Whether a visitor for a peaceful moment or a volunteer giving time over and again to upkeep, sharing organically in the nature of a cared for space, allows individuals to flourish and so communities, with shared focus and collective effort.

We would like to think more deeply about how our networked gardens can play an important role in helping to build ‘community’. We are seeking, therefore, to gather a variety of examples of Quiet Gardens and their hosts that encourage and nurture community as part of their particular nature. Tina Jefferies will then use the examples as part of a new ‘Quiet Garden and community’ resource to share more widely.

Is your Quiet Garden a catalyst for community? Has it helped ‘community’ form? How has it nurtured that ‘community’? If you have an example to share please let us know by email and we will let you know more.

Affiliate Individuals

The affiliate Quiet Garden scheme has until now been open to those that have a garden they would like to open to the public as a quiet space. We are now opening the affiliate scheme up for individuals who lead and organise retreats and quiet days in the outdoors.

Affiliated individuals may organise and lead retreats and quiet days for people primarily in the outdoors, but not necessarily in the same place each time. They may have access to a garden, a nature reserve or other outdoor space to lead events focussed on contemplation and reflection, but they may be different locations and are not necessarily designated ‘quiet gardens’.

We hope this change will allow more people creating space in the outdoors for quiet and contemplation to share what they are doing as part of the Quiet Garden Movement. If you know someone that might be interested or want to know more visit here.

News to share

We will be starting to work on the next edition of the ‘Pause’ newsletter in September, if you have news to share, reports on events you have run, books to review or can contribute an article please do let us know in the next few weeks. All contributions are welcome – simply send us an email or call the office and we will let you know what we need.

Annual Gathering 2019

The Annual Gathering took place in May on a lovely sunny day. We recorded the sessions on mindfulness with Tim Stead, and so if you weren’t able to join us you will find the audio recordings, handouts and pictures from the day on the website – visit

Quiet Garden Annual Day – Sunday 23 June 2019

A reminder that we have created an Annual Day in the calendar to help people to celebrate Quiet Gardens, and this year it will fall on Sunday 23 June. We are asking those involved with the Movement to mark the day with a focus on Quiet Gardens – it might be an opportunity to open your garden on that day, run a fundraising event to support our work, or arrange to share a little about Quiet Gardens and the Movement with your church or community group. Resources to help are now on the website at –

We know that many of you have already planned events and opening schedules for the year – but we offer the day as an opportunity if it works for you. We will be pleased to promote your plans, so please do let us know the details if you are able to mark the day in some way.


Another reminder that if you have lovely comments from visitors to your garden that you’d like included on your Quiet Garden page of the website please do send us any comments/reviews you’d like to appear on your page.

New newsletter – Pause (Pentecost 2019)

Copies of our newly designed Quiet Garden newsletter called Pause were posted in early May. We hope you will enjoy the new look and share copies with your visitors. Feedback and suggestions for future content is always welcome.

Financial situation

In April you should have received your annual reminder asking for contributions towards running the Quiet Garden Affiliate and Associate schemes, along with an important letter from the Chair of Trustees about our current financial situation. If you missed it you will find the letter here.

Annual Quiet Garden Day – Sunday 23 June 2019

We are launching an Annual Quiet Garden Day this year – asking those involved with the Movement to mark the day with a focus on Quiet Gardens. You might decide to open your garden on that day, run a fundraising event to support our work, or arrange to share a little about Quiet Gardens and the Movement with your church or community group. It will also be a good opportunity to hold Quiet Gardens and the Movement in prayer on that day as you celebrate the mid-point in the seasonal calendar where you are.

We know that many of you have already planned events and opening schedules for this year – but we hope you will be able to mark the day in some way. It will become an annual day in our calendar to celebrate Quiet Gardens on the Sunday nearest mid-summers/winters day (depending where you are in the world). Resources for the day will be available here – and we will be pleased to promote plans for the day, so please let us know the details of what you are able to do.


We have just launched the ability for people to leave comments on your Quiet Garden page of the website. This is a great way for visitors to your garden to share a comment or review of their experience for others to see. Simply direct people to your Quiet Garden page on the website or send us any comments/reviews you’d like to appear on your page.

Survey invitation

We are planning to launch a survey project for visitors to Quiet Gardens, to measure what impact time in a Quiet Garden has on them. This is really important for our continued growth and will help to measure and raise awareness of the benefits of time spent in Quiet Gardens and outdoors in quiet. If you would be willing to be involved in this project by sharing a short simple survey with visitors to your garden and events please do let us know.

Exploring silence and nature retreat – 23-27 September

Finally, on the back of the newsletter we mention the retreat we will be running at Scargill House in North Yorkshire, UK, in September. This is for everyone involved in Quiet Gardens, including hosts, and will be an opportunity to retreat and spend time with others in the Movement. We hope you might be able to join us. Further details and bookings here.

Every year we ask each Quiet Garden for an annual contribution towards the running of the Quiet Garden Trust and Movement, and our Affiliate and Associate schemes.

We also included an important message from our Chair of Trustees to consider as you make your annual contribution this year. Please do take a moment to read it.

The suggested contribution for Quiet Gardens in the UK for 2019/20 remains £40 / €60 / $100 – should you be able to contribute more that would be fantastic. It is helpful for our administration to receive these donations in early April if possible.

You can make a contribution in a number of ways as detailed in the annual contribution formUK version | Rest of world version.

If you would like a receipt for your donation please do let us know.

If you have already made a contribution this year please disregard this message.

We’ve recently emailed all Quiet Garden Hosts to ask them to check the details for your garden – please follow the link below to make any changes to your garden page.

Also if you have any events that you would like included in the events calendar of the website please let us know.

Your Quiet Garden Details and Membership

Find your Quiet Garden page

Each Quiet Garden has its own page on our website, with details of your garden, photos, a map and contact details. Any events you register with us will also appear on the page. When we contact you we’ll provide a link to the page – and you can find your Quiet Garden page by using the location or name / keyword search facilities.

Go to Find Gardens

Amending details on your Quiet Garden page

Once a year we ask you to check the details on your Quiet Garden page – you can notify us of changes you want to be made at any time.

Go to Amend Details

Numbers of people using Quiet Gardens

Towards the end of each year we contact Quiet Garden Hosts for an indication of the number of people that have spent time in their Quiet Garden that year. This can be an estimate and helps us in reporting the wider impact of the Movement and Charity.

Go to Quiet Garden User Numbers

Submit an event

If you hold regular or one-off events in your Quiet Garden you can add them to the Events Calendar on this website.

Go to Submit Event

Annual Quiet Garden Donation

Every year we ask Quiet Garden Hosts for an annual donation towards the costs of running the Affiliate and Associate Quiet Garden schemes. Find out more about this request and how and when to make a donation.

Go to Annual Quiet Garden Donation

Resources and Guidance for Hosts

Information and Guidance for Quiet Garden Hosts

Each Quiet Garden is unique and responds to local needs and circumstances, and the different types of garden open in different ways, however, when it comes to safety, insurance, safeguarding and data privacy there are some important issues to be aware of and consider.

Go to Information and Guidance

Welcome Pack for Quiet Garden Hosts

Links to the latest versions of all the contents of the Welcome Pack which is sent to every Quiet Garden Host when they first join.

Go to Welcome Pack

Quiet Garden logo

Versions of the Quiet Garden logo that you may find helpful to use in any publicity about your Quiet Garden.

Go to Quiet Garden Logo

Further Resources

Further resources for Hosts are also available from the general Resources Section of the website.

Go to Resources Section

Quiet25 Leader’s Guide and Course on Silence

Designed to help hosts run a course, or as the basis for a one-day course, or individual workshops. Copy included in the Welcome Pack.

Go to Quiet25 Leader’s Guide and Course 

Quiet Garden Leaflet

Copies of the general Quiet Garden Leaflet, which you can add your own details to, can be ordered from us at anytime.

Go to Quiet Garden Leaflet

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments not covered above please contact us.

Go to Contact Us

“Thank you for being a host. This role, as you will know, calls for an expression of warm hospitality, a quiet prayerfulness, a love of God and a love of neighbour. It is a fruit-bearing ministry in so many ways.

Peoples’ lives and faith journeys are often touched, deepened and restored by the welcome and resourcing provided by you, and by members of your co-ordinating or planning group. Your home and garden are precious to you and offer a sanctuary space to others who, regularly or occasionally, join you in your Quiet Garden. Thank you…”

Philip Roderick – Founder – Quiet Garden Movement

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