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Quiet25 marks a significant moment in the Quiet Garden story. Celebrating 25 years of nurturing outdoor space for prayer and contemplation.

A growing global network of gardens in a variety of settings means the Movement enables people of all ages and backgrounds to access outdoor spaces to experience silence, contemplation and prayer, which are known to deeply nourish mind, body and soul.

Such experience is as important today as it ever has been – and with increasing recognition of the health and wellbeing benefits of silence and mindfulness in natural settings, it is essential we continue to share Quiet Gardens.

We hope Quiet Garden Hosts will take the opportunity to celebrate locally in YOUR Quiet Garden.

Below are resources and ideas to help make the most of the 25th year in your Quiet Garden and with your local community.

“The ancient tradition of silent contemplation is as important to the modern mind as it was to those of our forebears – and the Quiet Garden Movement has been facilitating the practice of mindful contemplation for the past 25 years, in gardens across the world…”

Dr Rowan Williams – from the Foreword to the Quiet25 Course

Creatively sharing the Quiet Garden story is essential to the future of the Movement.

We encourage you to think about how you can use your own community networks, skills and innovative ideas to share about Quiet Gardens, and raise the profile in creative ways. Fundraising is important, and so too is introducing the concept and practice of silence in natural settings to new people, and nurturing new outdoor spaces and groups. Keep reading…

To grow and sustain the Movement the Quiet25 Fund has been created. The fund will raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of the practices of stillness and contemplation in outdoor settings, particularly with a younger generation, increase the number and range of Quiet Gardens, particularly in schools, enable ongoing support and advice from the Movement to all Quiet Gardens Hosts, and contribute to our core costs. Donations can be made both off-line and securely on-line. Make a donation…

Run the Quiet25 Course

We have produced the Quiet25 Course to mark our 25th year by raising awareness of the benefits of time in quiet outside.

Over 5 sessions the course takes you on a journey through a range of contemplative exercises and practices in the exploration of silence: introducing groups to the experience of silence together in natural surroundings and exploring the physical, mental health and spiritual benefits of taking a regular time of quiet in nature.

The course could be run as a 5 week ‘lent style’ course by Quiet Gardens or churches. Or you might use it as the basis of a special event, such as a local Quiet Garden day – or perhaps gather together fellow hosts and garden visitors from your region for a regional event.

Every Host is being sent a complimentary copy of the Leader’s Guide (both printed copy and e-book) – if you have not received yours by mid-March please let us know.

We hope you decide to run the Quiet25 Course – and welcome your feedback.

If you are running the Quiet25 Course please let us know the details and we will add them to our events calendar.

Organising a special local event

You might like to organise a special 25th Anniversary local event and take the opportunity to highlight the importance of quiet spaces, inviting people that wouldn’t normally visit a Quiet Garden. It might be timed to mark the start or end of your Quiet25 Course.

It might be an event timed to mark the start or end of your Quiet25 Course, such as an afternoon tea with birthday cake. It really is up to you.

We suggest doing local events on Sunday 25 June 2017 (this has the advantage of making the link to 25 years – but it is entirely up to you when to hold your event!).

You could organise your event as a Quiet Garden group or local church – or you might like to get together a few Quiet Garden hosts near you to organise something together.

If you are organising a special event please let us know the details and we will add them to our events calendar.

Contact your local media

Quiet25 offers a great opportunity to contact your local media about your Quiet Garden and the wider Movement:

You might tell them about your Quiet25 course or special event you are organising.


You could invite your local media to visit your garden and experience what you offer through your Quiet Garden.

We suggest contacting your local radio stations, TV news programmes and newspapers, as well as your local church denomination contacts, such as your diocesan media officer.

We have produced press release templates to help you contact your local media.

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If you use social media please support us using the hashtag #quiet25 – and mention us on twitter at @quietgardens or facebook at @quietgardentrust

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