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When you are ready to consider re-opening your Quiet Garden we have advice and resources  for you and your visitors. We will update this page regularly with further ‘re-opening resources‘ and advice as it changes – please do check back for updates. 

Re-Opening Resources

As you re-open your Quiet Garden and celebrate what you offer we have produced some resources below to support you. Including supportive quotes and reflections from our Patrons, a template to make your own bunting, as well as a flyer and poster to help promote your re-opening – and a growing number of articles you can print and make available to your visitors.

Quiet Garden Re-Open Resources download as a PDF

Quiet Garden Re-Open Resources (web)

Richard J Foster

“I thank God for the good work of Quiet Gardens.  These gardens have always provided a place for beauty, for reflection, for prayer.  Now with new safety guidelines for reopening they can once again serve precious people with space for stillness.”

His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols

‘My quiet reflection comes from Psalm 83(84) and words which give me such comfort:

“How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord, God of hosts. My soul is longing and yearning for the courts of the Lord … They are happy in whose hearts are the roads to Sion.”

Every place of quiet and reflection can enkindle afresh in us the longing for heaven, a longing which is written into our hearts.’

Quiet Garden Bunting download as a PDF

Quiet Garden Bunting

Quiet Garden Open Flyer – download as PDF | Word Doc

Quiet Garden Open Flyer

Quiet Garden Open Poster – download as PDF | Word Doc

Quiet Garden Open Poster

Revd Philip Roderick

“In the Quiet Garden Movement we have so much to be, to do and to become. The past, the present and the future, the divine and the human, the spiritual and the material all intersect. What we seek to provide is of course open to all – those of full faith, questioning faith or of no explicit faith.

We highlight and work with the metaphor of garden and greening and also with the practical demands and life cycles of gardens. From micro to the macro, ecological care walks hand in hand with the care of those who attend our Quiet Gardens.”

New articles and resources...

We have produced the following new articles that are written for you to share with your visitors as your Quiet Garden re-opens or online. They are shared as both an online article and as a PDF for you to easily print yourselves to share and make available in your Quiet Garden.

Photo: Ravi Kumar /

Our guide to mobile phones and contemplation

How can we make mobile phones, and the technology they bring, work for us rather than letting them constantly distract us? Here are some ideas for using your mobile for contemplation, as well as a stilling exercise, and our favourite apps.
Read more

Our guide to silence and stillness

We explore what we mean by silence, why it’s important and some simple tools, known as ‘anchors’, that can help you experience silence and stillness.
Read more

Learning to be Still Series

From our archives this series was developed to be used in Quiet Gardens when we first started offering them. It is a series based in Scripture, the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the monastic tradition and the Christian mystics.
Read more
Other resources...

Tree Prayers

Paul Cudby, the vicar of St. Mary Magdalene, Tanworth in Arden, discovered that his neighbouring church primary school, Tanworth School, has…

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Green Grace of God Prayer Exercise

Use this 5 minute prayer exercise to help you focus and engage with your natural space. Listen to Philip Roderick lead…

Read more

Finding Your Quiet Space

Finding your Quiet Space in the ordinary / everyday life Where is your quiet space? A sit spot under a…

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Mindfulness and Quiet Gardens

Rev Tim Stead, an Anglican priest and accredited mindfulness teacher suggests two mindfulness exercises to try in a garden setting.
Read more

Gardens and Grace with Esther de Waal

Quiet Garden Conference at Kanuga USA in 2006 From our archives this talk by Esther de Waal is entitled Gardens…

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