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Quiet Garden User Numbers

Number of people spending time in your Quiet Garden

Towards the end of each year we contact Quiet Garden Hosts for an indication of the number of people that have spent time in their Quiet Garden that year. Your help in estimating the number of people who have made use of Quiet Gardens helps us in reporting the wider impact of the Movement and Charity.

By asking for these numbers we are not, of course, implying that more is better! Each Quiet Garden is unique and is able to offer different types of quiet space – whether for individuals or groups.

Your response, however, helps us to get an overall sense of the use of Quiet Gardens and is helpful for the Quiet Garden Trust when reporting to the Charity Commission and funders.

We do recommend that you maintain a record of visitors to your Quiet Garden – as explained in the Information and Guidance for Hosts – which is important for a number of safety reasons, including safeguarding good practice. It doesn’t need to be formal though – it can just be a simple book that people fill in with their name and date of visit.

Many Quiet Garden hosts keep records of the number of people who come to their Quiet Garden or the people who are part of a group they host. Some refer to these people as ‘visitors’, whilst others prefer ‘Quiet Gardeners’. Even if you don’t routinely keep such a record, an estimate is still useful (please just note you are giving an estimate). All data is only ever used in an anonymised format.

If you’d like a sheet on which to record the number of visitors for when you are open, you can download the Quiet Garden Visitor Document using the link below.

Quiet Garden Visitors Document

You can let us know this information in whatever way is easiest for you – complete the form below, or you are welcome to email, phone, or post them to us (click here for our contact details).

If possible, please give the following information for each open day:

  • Date of Quiet Garden opening
  • Number of people
  • Type of Quiet Day (eg informal silent day or themed retreat led by a speaker).

An example –  14 May 2017, 6 people, Led Pentecost Retreat

It is encouraging to share the appreciation of Quiet Gardens too so if you also have comments from those using the Quiet Garden which you (and they) would be happy to be made public anonymously we’d be glad to receive these too.

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