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A Quiet Garden provides a quiet natural place. The benefits of a Quiet Garden are on different levels and include:

  • access to a quiet open space which can enhance recovery
  • improvement of morale among staff
  • reduction of stress for all

Over the last 30 years a convincing body of research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of gardens in hospitals on both patients and staff. Professor Roger Ulrich, a major contributor in this area of research writes:

“Well-designed hospital gardens not only provide calming and pleasant nature views, but can also reduce stress and improve clinical outcomes through other mechanisms, for instance, fostering access to social support and privacy, and providing opportunities for escape from stressful clinical settings.

For example, a patient interviewed in a hospital garden commented: “It’s a good escape from what they put me through. I come out here between appointments. I feel much calmer, less stressed.”

As well, evidence from studies of a number of hospitals strongly suggests that gardens and other nature helps to heighten patient and family satisfaction with the healthcare provider and the overall quality of care. Research has begun to appear suggesting that hospital gardens also increase staff satisfaction with the workplace, and can be advantageous in hiring and retaining qualified personnel.”

Reference: Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals; Roger S. Ulrich, 2002


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