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Helping the Trust through your Will

We hope that you may consider leaving a gift to The Quiet Garden Trust in your Will.

Why make a legacy gift?

A legacy gift would provide us with funds to nurture and support Quiet Gardens; to raise awareness and seed the Movement, both in the UK and overseas. Funds would enable the spread of the Quiet Garden ministry into areas of society where there is a pressing need for reflection, renewal and healing.

Making a Will

It is important that everyone makes a Will to ensure that after death, your money and property are received by those you care about. Once bequests to your loved ones have been fulfilled, you might consider including a gift to the Quiet Garden Trust.

We suggest that you contact a solicitor or legal advisor to create a Will, to ensure that your wishes are recorded in a legally binding form.

If you have already made a Will, your solicitor can, without difficulty, add a codicil to include your gift to The Quiet Garden Trust in your Will.

Whether writing a new Will or Codicil it is vital that the full name and charity number are included –

The Quiet Garden Trust, Registered Charity Number 1038528.

The advantages of giving a legacy

    • Legacies are a particularly valuable way to contribute to the Quiet Garden Trust. The receipt of a lump sum would allow the Trust to be more secure financially and plan for the long-term.
    • A legacy can take many different forms. It can be in the form of money, but it can also be financial assets such as shares, or in property or valuables.
    • If you would like the legacy used for a particular purpose this will be honoured. Unrestricted gifts are especially helpful as they allow the Trust to allocate the funds where they are needed most.
  • Gifts to Charities such as The Quiet Garden Trust are free of inheritance tax. A gift to The Quiet Garden Trust could thus have tax advantages for your estate.

Thank you for thinking about supporting The Quiet Garden Trust in this way

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