National Retreat Week

National Retreat Week – renew:all (23-30 Sept 2023) is a new initiative for
individuals, churches and groups to promote contemplation, prayer and retreat rooted in various ancient and contemporary Christian traditions and supported by well-known Christian retreat leaders and authors.
We are all busy juggling everyday life and it can be difficult to make space to
reflect, contemplate or pray. The benefits of taking time out to pause, breathe and
reset the rhythm of our lives is invaluable – time to trust in God more, nourish our
souls, check in with our life’s direction, look afresh and renew:all.
Renew:all is an invitation to take time out to retreat at home, at church, or at one
of over 200 Christian retreat centres across the UK. There are lots of ways to get
involved, whether you are experienced or new to Christian retreats. Visit the
website for inspiration and free resources to join in – during the week or indeed a
any time of year. Visit the website here