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Margaret Silf

Ecumenical writer and retreat leader

“If you stand still for a few minutes in the relentless onward rush of 21st century life you might hear a quiet but insistent undercurrent. It is the cry of our hearts for space and time just to be, to listen to the heartbeat of creation, to let our souls catch up. Quiet gardens offer just such longed-for oases of peace. They open up once more what all our busy-ness has buried – the precious gift of heart-time and soul-space.”

Recommended Resources by Margaret Silf:

  • ‘Landscapes of Prayer’ (Lion Hudson)
  • ‘Sacred in the City’ (Lion hudson)
  • ‘100 Wisdom Stories from around the World’ (Lion Hudson)
  • ‘100 More Wisdom Stories’ (Lion Hudson)
  • ‘The Way of Wisdom’ (Lion Hudson)
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