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Revd Philip Roderick

Founder and Patron

Philip is the Founder and a Patron of The Quiet Garden Movement (1992), of Contemplative Fire (2004) and of Hidden Houses of Prayer (2010). He delights in the radical presence of God in community, in nature – on hillside and by seashore; he rejoices in chant and harmony, syncopation and stillness. He looks forward to composing more and writing more!

“We live in a world where we are swamped by methods of communication and yet we find ourselves unable to communicate. Silence is the missing and vital ingredient. Even as little as five minutes can be restorative and healing.”

He has worked in Bangor University as Chaplain and Lecturer in Theology then in the Oxford Diocese as Principal of the Buckinghamshire Christian Training Scheme and as a parish priest in Amersham on the Hill. In 2015 he retired from being Bishop’s Adviser in Spirituality and Chaplain to Whirlow Grange in the Diocese of Sheffield.

Philip is a retired Anglican priest, percussionist, educator and writer. His writings include “Beloved: Henri Nouwen in Conversation” (book and CD from SCM-Canterbury Press) and articles on Contemplative Fire in three volumes of the “Ancient Faith, Future Mission” series, also published by Canterbury Press. Other resources produced by Philip, including Sacred Posture, a teaching DVD on body prayer, and Sheer Sound, a music CD featuring the Hang, are available from Contemplative Fire (

Listen to Philip reflecting on the early history of the movement and how Quiet Gardens have developed to over 300 in households, churches and organisational settings around the world.

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