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Creatively sharing the Quiet Garden story

Sharing the Quiet Garden story is essential to the future of the Movement.

We encourage you to think about how you can use your own community networks, skills and innovative ideas to share about Quiet Gardens, and raise the profile in creative ways.

Fundraising is important, and so too is introducing the concept and practice of silence in natural settings to new people, and nurturing new outdoor spaces and groups.

Some ideas:

  • Could you organise a celebratory event in a Quiet Garden, or host a workshop to share the practice of silence?
  • Or perhaps you could fundraise through a raffle, art exhibition, charity auction, or organise a silent based sponsorship event?

An example...

One example of creative fundraising can be found in rural Herefordshire, where the local Homespun Group have hand-stitched as a group a Flower Garden patchwork quilt, whilst sharing about Quiet Gardens! The group is donating the quilt to be raffled for the Quiet25 Fund. Could you get creative and fundraise locally in similar ways?

If you are able to setup a fundraising initiative contact us. We can help with advice, have access to further tools and resources to help, and can promote them.

A resource to help you share the story...

The Quiet25 Course is available as a resource to help you share the Quiet Garden story. Over 5 sessions it takes you on a journey through a range of contemplative exercises and practices.

The format makes it an ideal course of study for a group, and includes discussion questions, group and individual exercises, as well as tasks and practices for participants to try on their own, between sessions.

It could also be used as the basis for a one-day course or individual workshops.

The Leaders Guide is available as a printed booklet or e-book.

If you are running the Quiet25 Course please let us know the details and we will add them to our events calendar.

Organising a special local event

You might like to organise a special 25th Anniversary local event and take the opportunity to highlight the importance of quiet spaces, inviting people that wouldn’t normally visit a Quiet Garden. It might be timed to mark the start or end of your Quiet25 Course.

It might be an event timed to mark the start or end of your Quiet25 Course, such as an afternoon tea with birthday cake. It really is up to you.

We suggest doing local events on Sunday 25 June 2017 (this has the advantage of making the link to 25 years – but it is entirely up to you when to hold your event!).

You could organise your event as a Quiet Garden group or local church – or you might like to get together a few Quiet Garden hosts near you to organise something together.

If you are organising a special event please let us know the details and we will add them to our events calendar.

Your Local 25th Anniversary Event

Organise a local

25th Anniversary Event

Contact your local media

Quiet25 offers a great opportunity to contact your local media about your Quiet Garden and the wider Movement:

You might tell them about your Quiet25 course or special event you are organising.


You could invite your local media to visit your garden and experience what you offer through your Quiet Garden.

We suggest contacting your local radio stations, TV news programmes and newspapers, as well as your local church denomination contacts, such as your diocesan media officer.

We have produced press release templates to help you contact your local media.

If you use social media please use the hashtag #quiet25 – and mention us on twitter at @quietgardens or facebook at @quietgardentrust

Give to the Quiet 25 Fund

To grow and sustain the Quiet Garden Movement the Quiet25 Fund has been created. Contributions to the fund can be made individually as one-off gifts and through regular giving, as well as through local fundraising initiativesFind out more

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