Quiet Garden Movement

Sharing outdoor space for wellbeing and the inner journey

A network of beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces for prayer, stillness, contemplation and an appreciation of the natural world.

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There are over 250 Quiet Gardens worldwide. Find a Quiet Garden near you, or visit one while you’re on holiday…

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Many Quiet Gardens run regular events, such as quiet days and retreats. See what’s on local to you and book your place…

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Would your local area benefit from a Quiet Garden? Could you start your own? We’d love you to join us. See what being a Quiet Garden host involves…

Latest Quiet Gardens

St Seraphims

St Seraphim’s

A natural space which complements the spirituality of the Chapel.

Lady in a quiet garden

The Community of the Resurrection

We welcome you to come to CR and to share in our life

Lady in a quiet garden

Warmth and Wonder

Warmth and Wonder offers a perfect space to rest and unwind.

Lady in a quiet garden

Ulverston Churchyard

Trees surround the churchyard, where old gravestones mingle comfortably with wild areas

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The Quiet Garden Trust, which co-ordinates the Quiet Garden Movement, relies on donations to continue maintaining and growing the Quiet Garden network. Please consider making a donation or support our work in other ways by fundraising for us, joining our Friends Scheme or leaving us a legacy.