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Stillness Exercises

Ways into stilness

Stilling down Mentally – If thoughts crowd your mind, notice them but do not engage with them. Physically – Relax your shoulders, tighten and then…

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In Pursuit Of Silence

In Pursuit Of Silence – a meditative film about our relationship silence, sound, and the impact of noise…

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Finding Your Quiet Space

Finding your Quiet Space in the ordinary / everyday life Where is your quiet space? A sit spot under a tree, a bench in a…

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Mindfulness and Quiet Gardens

Rev Tim Stead, an Anglican priest and accredited mindfulness teacher suggests two mindfulness exercises to try in a garden setting…

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Mindfulness – Paying Attention Exercise

Next time you are in a Quiet Garden, if some plant or tree or section of the garden catches your attention, try this short practice.

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Our guide to silence and stillness

At the core of the Quiet Garden Movement is the understanding that silence is profoundly important for our health and well being

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