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Friends Scheme

Our Friends Scheme… an invitation to support Quiet Gardens worldwide

The Quiet Garden Movement nurtures access to outdoor space for prayer, reflection and rest, creating opportunities for people to experience silence and stillness.

Regular support through our Friends Scheme ensures the charity can maintain and develop the Movement, meaning people of all ages can discover and experience the benefits of time out in nature.

What we do…

Those involved in the Quiet Garden Movement come from a variety of traditions, churches and cultures. As such we express our heritage in many diverse ways and welcome the diversity of fellow travellers on the journey. All are welcome to Quiet Gardens, to rest in the presence of God, whatever spiritual path they follow.

Quiet Gardens vary widely in their size and situation. They are provided in a variety of settings, such as private homes, churches, schools and hospitals. At the core is the provision of outdoor space intentionally set aside for prayer, silence and refreshment.

There are over 250 Quiet Gardens globally, each offering a sanctuary space and time for stillness.

Our core values include:

  • Hospitality – the offer of a warm-hearted, simple welcome to all.
  • Contemplation – the practice of silence, stillness, meditation and prayer.
  • Nature Connection – the opportunity to deepen our relationship with the natural world.
  • Creativity – the provision of quiet outdoor space to inspire.

Our Friends Scheme matters…

The daily work of the Movement depends on staff and volunteers nurturing existing Quiet Gardens, and encouraging new ones, as well as spreading the vision world-wide. Through regular financial giving Friends ensures the smooth running of the charity and keep office open.

Support our work by joining our Friends Scheme.

As a Friend you’ll receive…

  • Our twice yearly Quiet Places newsletter and regular emails with news and resources.
  • An invitation to our Annual Gathering – to hear inspirational speakers, meet Quiet Garden hosts and the trustees, share news and exchange ideas;
  • And invitations to any other regional events.
bench against a garden wall
Lady praying in a quiet garden
Bridge over water in a quiet garden
quiet garden view

Join our Friends Scheme today

If you love the ethos of The Quiet Garden Movement, support its vision and would like to be linked formally, but loosely, with the Movement, please become a Friend. Simply complete the form below – alternatively print and return a completed form from the leaflet opposite or contact us.