The Quiet Garden at St Christopher’s Church

Place of worship in Pennsylvania - USA

A courtyard garden

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Name: Katie Gibbs


Telephone: 610 642 8920

St Christophers

We have a courtyard garden that is framed by our Church, Parish House and Day School. The entrance is through the breezeway. Three stately Atlas spruce trees give the garden hight adn structure. There are three benches and a meandering walk that takes you through our small, intimate space. We have held receptions in the garden where approximately fifty people can gather.

The garden is maintained by a committee which weeds and prunes when needed. Throughout the seasons, a tree, shrub, bulb or perennial is blooming. If you are in the center of the garden and turn towards the church, you can see a cross on the stone wall.

Visitor information

The courtyard is lit at night until eleven o'clock. In good weather Yoga classes are also held there.

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St Christophers Church, 226 Righters Mill Rd, Gladwyne Pennsylvania PA USA


St Christophers