The Story Garden, Prince Albert

Private home in Western Cape - South Africa

In the arid Great Karoo, at the foot of the well-known Swartberg Mountains, lies a delightful village, called Prince Albert

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Name: Renee Calitz


Telephone: +27(0) 832739921

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Our village has much to offer visitors, namely awesome natural beauty, adventure, history, culture, culinary courses, sporting events, community projects, many artists (with open studios), loads of accommodation options all over town (also next door to my garden)….but most of all, we have TIME. This is the place to escape to for some quiet time away from the bustle of ‘normal life’. My garden has a unique story of transformation, which runs parallel to my personal experience. I have been privileged to guide this transformation process the past three years. Being an artist myself, I have been ‘painting’ and ‘sculpturing’ a river bed from local rocks and plants in my desert garden. I like to combine words and images for contemplation into my garden. Wandering around in wonderment has brought me such joy, which I would love to share with visitors.

Visitor information

Visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes (and hats - especially during the summer heat!) for walking the gravel pathways. Bees are active in the garden. Benches and shaded areas are available, as well as an area which is wheel chair friendly. Refreshments may be provided on request.
Please contact me before visiting, as the garden is situated on a private residential property, and I have dogs who would need to be called inside.

Opening times

Appointment only


6 Jan Louw Street Prince Albert Western Cape 6930 South Africa

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The Story Garden PA