Moments that make a difference – from a host

We have not been idle and we have had many visitors even in the bad weather as the log burner is nearly always on and is so welcoming.  Sadly, one of our main visitors who gained so much from our lovely peaceful space died last month she needed a lot of support through her last months. We continue to host some young children who have been abused, they come with their own carers and just use the space as a place where they can be children and enjoy simple things. We had one child when it was snowing; they had never been sledding and the hill has a good slope; they were thrilled and it was joyous to see them as the little child they should have been allowed to be.  They sat toasting marshmallows in front of the fire and said they wished she could live with us forever.  It is heartbreaking but we are glad we can offer some respite.  Our dementia clients have not been as often and two are now in full time residential care but sadly we are hearing of more who will join us soon.