QG in Mourne

 “Reconnecting to the divine in nature retreat”

“Reconnecting to the divine in nature” is a retreat running at Hilfield Friary on Friday 26 th (from 12pm ) to Sunday 28 th (3pm) July 2024 geared at Christians enquiring into the place of nature, creation and eco-spirituality in their faith.
The retreat has four aims:
 To help participants develop a deeper connection to and love for the sacredness of nature as an expression of the divine.
 To honestly face the environmental crisis with hope, courage and a sense of personal agency.
 Become part of a wider movement for positive, regenerative change in our society
 Learn to know, honour and protect mother earth, allowing all life to flourish.

The retreat will be led by facilitators from Soul Rewilding (www.soulrewilding.co.uk) a not-for-profit collective founded in response to the climate and ecological crisis the earth faces. A group of like-minded Christians, Soul Rewilding believes the environmental crisis is at heart a spiritual crisis and that we need to relearn a new humility and Christian spirituality that reconnects us to the sacredness of the earth and all other than human life.
The cost per person for three days and two nights and all meals is £240 (including VAT). To secure your booking a £100 deposit (including VAT) (non-refundable and non-transferable) is required at the time of booking. To book a place on the retreat please contact Mike Mullins at mikemullins@soulrewilding.co.uk. Mobile 07973 642 875. For further information please click here