Hours in a Garden

I was inspired to write the book on which this is based as a result of a throw away comment by a friend.

She later mentioned a book by Katherine Swift called ‘The Morville Hours’ (see bibliography) which follows the eight canonical hours as described in the Introduction but is focussed on her garden in Shropshire and the surrounding area with a distinctly historical
and autobiographical flavour.

For me the real motivation has come from my garden itself. I have gardened for as long as I can remember. My gardens have always been a lifeline and a place of creativity and refreshment. I moved to my current home in Leeds in July 2013 having already heard from God about the garden the previous May in the form of a poem.

A garden with meaning, purpose and beauty.
A garden with colour, light, shade and variety.
A garden of hope, a garden for prayer.
A garden to welcome people, a garden to share.