In the Stillness: poems, prayers, reflections

Love whispers Quietly


Philip Roderick, Founder and a Patron of the Quiet Garden Movement, reviews In the Stillness: poems, prayers, reflections by Elizabeth Mills.

In the Stillness offers the reader a simple yet profound celebration of silence and soulfulness. These meditations provide nudges and invitations, hints and catalysts. They are accompaniers on the interior journey. Each page has a theme and a hidden dynamic, pointing to a daily engagement with the mystery of life in Christ:

In the stillness
Is the Pearl of Great Price
Where the Light shines…
It is within us all
But we must dig deep

There are different sections in the book, which help to give shape and focus to the reflections. A number of poems begin with a question: “What if……?” Some of these may well get the grey cells working and bring to the surface thought-provoking musings. More recent prayer/poems feature in one section of the book, together with a simple two line refrain. And so:

Dip into the River of Silence
Be cleansed, refreshed, renewed
This day and every day

Elizabeth Mills, the author, is a Quaker and an educator, with whom I have been in contact over a number of years as a prayer friend. She specialises in early childhood education and works with children having special educational needs. She is married with two children and has been a carer for many years. “In the Stillness” can be purchased for £10 from Amazon, the Quaker Bookshop or from the publisher, Inner Light Books (