Seasons of Grace: Inspirational Resources for the Christian Year

Many Quiet Gardeners will be familiar with the poems of Ann Lewin, particularly, Watching for the Kingfisher.

‘…..Prayer is like watching for the Kingfisher. All you can do is Be where he is likely to appear and Wait.’

I have just discovered Seasons of Grace, inspirational resources for the Christian Year, by Ann Lewin. In this book Ann weaves her poetry with creative prose to provide fresh ideas for the liturgical year. Angela Ashwin in the foreword, reminds us, “We can sometimes be so busy or preoccupied we miss the richness and flavour of the different parts of the Christian year.”

So we have prayers for a Posada during Advent, and lots of resources for Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. What was so special for me was to find nearly 40 pages with suggestions for events in ‘Ordinary Time’. These include suggestions for use in a Quiet Garden. Ann gives three possible themes:
∗ Consider the Flowers;
∗ Trees – the tree of knowledge and the tree of life;
∗ and Consider the birds.
Each is developed, providing basic material for a day.

Her poem: Peace trees would make a wonderful introduction to a Quiet Day”

‘To be in the presence of trees
Is to know peace …’

There is also a Eucharistic prayer for use at a Quiet Garden event and many more riches.

So here is a useful resource to add to the ones you already use. Or perhaps this might be a gift for a creative friend.

Revd Sue Nightingale, Chair Quiet Garden Trustees

Seasons of Grace is published by Canterbury Press ISBN 9781848250901

Season of grace book cover